Posted by: Judy | April 7, 2014


Okay, I’ve been attempting to keep people up to date with what happened a week ago. I forget who I’ve told and who I haven’t. Comments here have alerted me to the fact I might not have been particularly specific here.

A week ago, Saturday, I went for a walk with my sister. I made it as far as the sidewalk. I have the unfortunate habit of “missing” the sidewalk. There’s dirt next to the sidewalk. I tend to step half on the sidewalk and half on the dirt. In this particular spot, the dirt is about a half inch lower, maybe an inch. My foot rolled. Usually, I’m able to catch myself. Not this time. The foot kept rolling. I probably tore the scar tissue already there. No bit deal. Not the first time. Probably won’t be the last. I tore all the ligaments when I was 18. Parents chose to not take me to see a doctor. When I finally took myself, my doctor apologized because there was nothing he could do. It was too late. He also predicted I’d have trouble with it the rest of my life, including additional problems, like back problems. He didn’t lie.

As I fell, I put out my hands. Scraped knee, scraped hands, and jammed my right arm. I prayed for no broken bones. I figured if God wanted me to have a cast, He knows me well enough He would have had to noticeably break my arm. It isn’t.

I learned with my herniated disc, back in 2005, I don’t respond properly to anesthesia or pain medication.

An older gentleman was out walking with his wife and his dog. He stopped and helped me up. I was mortified by his offer. I couldn’t bring myself to say, “I’m too fat.” I accepted his help. He crossed our arms and, with my teeth gritted against the pain in my ankle, he pulled me up. Bless him.

My sister, bless her, took me home to her house where we ate breakfast and watched Harry Potter. I started with arnica cream and ibuprofen and heat.

Since the accident, I’m down from ibuprofen 3-4x a day to once a day, a night before bed. I use arnica oil in the morning. I use frankincense oil in the afternoon and evening. I trade between ice and heat throughout the day.

I’m walking short distances. I’m able to go downstairs, one step at a time. I’m able to go upstairs alternately on my good and bad foot, without pain.

The swelling is almost gone. The bruising in minimal.

The arm is acting more injured. The first day, I couldn’t move it much, enough to assure myself it wasn’t broken. I could make a fist and flex my hands and move all the joints, though some are stiffer than others. I couldn’t feed myself at first, but I’m able to do so now. Every day, I’m able to move my arm a little more. I still can’t straighten it, which annoys me.

I sleep with pillows, lots of pillows. Pillows raise my foot and more pillows raise my arm. I sleep on my left side. Blessedly, it’s already a habit I started when I messed up my back.

I sleep, a lot. I remind myself that the body repairs itself when I’m sleeping, so I’m giving it as many opportunities as possible. 🙂

Itchiness is becoming a constant companion, which I consider a good sign.

The awesome news is that my back has experienced no pain or discomfort of any kind. Physical therapy works.


  1. Hugs. Hoping things continue to improve.

    • ((Ruth)) Thanks. It’s all in God’s hands.

  2. Happy you are on the mend!

    • Thanks ((R2B))

  3. That sounds like one heck of a bad fall. I’m glad you’re healing, albeit slowly. Take care of yourself! And don’t forget to see a doctor if it doesn’t get better. (I know you probably know this, but sometimes I need someone to tell me what I already should know when it comes to self care)

    • Thanks for the reminder. I do make sure my range of motion improves every day. I’m able to bend my arm better every day. It’s the straightening that isn’t improving. But strength is also returning. I’m taking it a day at a time.

  4. sorry you were hurt, and that you’re having to experience discomfort while your body continues to heal … although I am glad for you that it wasn’t worse, or that you didn’t have any broken bones … every day brings you one day closer to being healed – just hang in there

    • Yes, every day is better. Thanks, ntexas99.

  5. Good hear you are on the mend. xx

    • Thank you! 🐻

  6. Sorry to hear all this! Glad you’re healing, though. Please continue to do whatever it takes to get better. ❤

    • Thanks Cassandra. One day at a time. 🙂

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