Posted by: Judy | March 13, 2014

Waking creativity…

As I fought with deadlines… Editing is not a tough deadline to meet, especially when I have an editor with whom I work well. An editor who likes what I write and wants to make it better without changing my voice. An editor who recognizes I may actually know what I’m writing about. Hmmm… still feeling a bit snarky about that one. I need to let go of the negativity associated with that one.

Writing is different. It requires creativity, and when I’m depressed that’s the area I struggle with most. I can’t pull myself out of the abyss. How am I supposed to rescue my characters?

Burnblog shared a post that helped me look at things differently. I love when that happens exactly when I need it:

Book is overdue and slow going. This one has been tougher than all the rest.


  1. Perhaps the challenge is not just creativity but of realizing life could have had a different outcome. You can do this…I am cheering for you.

    • Perhaps so. Thanks ((Ruth))

  2. Is it the creativity or the mental energy that is wearing thin? I find that I still have the sparks, but can’t seem to ignite them fully and develop them when depressed. Like I can feel them, but can’t make them come out. You can do this, because you want your book published. I know you want it and will dig in and make it happen.

    • Interesting point. I hadn’t thought of that. I think you’re right. I can’t turn my brain off, and it’s constantly telling itself stories, but moving it from my brain to the page is where I struggle. I need to reshuffle my thinking. Thank you ((R2B))

  3. I’m envious at the amount of writing you are able to do. I’ve been in a writing drought forever.

    • I took Nora Roberts’ advice: “I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page.” I have had my periods of drought, but it’s been a while. Now it’s the trouble of putting it on the page. R2B’s observation is really helpful for me.

  4. Thank you for sharing the link, it really made me think. I am such a creature of routine and wonder if I go autopilot a lot.

    RTB brings up a good point. The execution becomes the problem rather than the spark.

    You go, Judy. It is going to happen. ((Judy))

    • Thanks ((TR))

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