Posted by: Judy | March 6, 2014

Faith and Hope…

Invisible Shadow shared her struggle with faith and hope, inspiring this reply from me:

You know I’m not shy about my faith. I also know how deeply personal faith is. In my own journey, faith isn’t something I found “out there.” It’s something I found inside. I can’t completely separate faith and hope (I have made the attempt), but they are different entities. I’ve read the Bible numerous times, and it strengthens my faith. I pray, and it strengthens my faith. I struggle to do what’s right, and it strengthens my faith. It’s woven into my soul, a part of who I am. No matter how miserable or happy I am. Faith is a choice I made. Like choosing to continue to learn. I believe God has helped me strengthen it over the years, but it belongs to me to nurture or starve. My faith survives no matter what happens only because I’ve worked hard to make sure it survives. Hope, on the other hand, at least to me, is something I associate more with God, like Love. God is Love, and God gives Hope. My perspective entirely. It’s why I can’t squash it, no matter how hard I’ve tried. Since it’s something God gives, I can’t kill it. I can turn away from it, but it’s always there. Like faith, I can nurture hope. Hope is more refined? More delicate. My faith survives the fires far better than hope does, but I wonder if it’s because of the way I was raised. Faith saw me through the insanity. I could hold it inside, unseen. Hope shines. NM relished squashing hope, happiness, joy. I was afraid to hope. I needed my faith to survive. How sad… Hope was a luxury I couldn’t afford sometimes. Faith saw me through each day. I’m still living like I can’t afford hope… I need to change how I look at this.


  1. Thanks for bringing her post to my attention. I answered too. Hugs.

    • ((Ruth))

  2. When I posted that blog post about faith to my blog, and then got the responses from various bloggers, it gave me a lot to think about. More than anything else, I think, I was encouraged that faith can mean a lot of things to different people, and that most folks do not consider questioning your faith as a failure at practicing your faith, but rather, a necessary part of defining (or redefining) what your faith means to you. I appreciate that you took the time to share your own response, and especially appreciated your ideas about how faith and hope are connected, but not the same. Thanks again for being willing to put your own thoughts out there about the subject. It’s one of those subjects that people are often reluctant to talk about, so I was kind of surprised to see people show up in the comments with their own thoughts.

    In fact, I almost left comments closed on this one. I’m glad I didn’t. When you are in a place where you are questioning the very basis of your faith, it’s always good to get input from various sources, to help guide you on your way.

    • In put helps me question myself. Do I really believe that? If I do, why? If I don’t, why? It helps when the comments are respectful. Thanks for opening the discussion. It inspired tomorrow’s post as well.

      • Respectful is important, especially when exposing the vulnerability of questioning faith … thankfully, the folks that tend to comment on my blog are a good bunch, who are likely to be accepting and encouraging, which makes it much easier to broach even the tough subjects. I look forward to seeing your next blog post on the subject. Hope you have a good day today.

        • Thank you. It’s improving by the minute. 🙂

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