Posted by: Judy | January 28, 2014

Posts helping me through deadline week…

This one is from PoppyPost:

As I read through her struggle to overcome the negativity in her life I thought about how I endured decades of being spoken to negatively from many directions and so, of course, picked up the habit myself. After a half century of an engrained habit, I’ve decided to change it.

Yeah, read that last sentence again.

It occurs to me it’s pretty silly to be impatient with myself that it’s taking me a while, a few months or even a couple years, to break almost 50 years of habit. Maybe I need to be nice to me and simply say, “Hey! You noticed the problem and every day you are making an effort to change the habit, even if it means I say something nice to myself only once throughout the day.” It’s a good change.


  1. Hang in there. (for deadline week) xxTR

    • Thanks ((TR))

  2. My negative tape has my mother’s voice. It’s an act of will to not listen to it. But I get better at it. Progress not perfection.

    • True!

  3. I enjoyed the post too. Cheering you on through dead line week.

    • Thanks!

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