Posted by: Judy | January 24, 2014

Sharing Poppyposts…

On being Mentally Strong…

I’m working on the list. Some I do well. Some not at all.


  1. I need to work on 15-17. 18 too.

  2. For me, the one that particularly resonated was # 17

    they tolerate discomfort (they accept their feelings without being controlled by them)

    that one, in particular, is a challenge, but one worth implementing

  3. oooh, #6 and #7, man, toughies.

    I nominated for the Narcissism Slayer award, I love the insight you bring into truths we were told, clich├ęs, etc. and turn them to work for you. It inspires me to do the same when faced with negativity. Thank you. xxTR

    • Thank you ((TR)) You’ve helped me so much as well.

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