Posted by: Judy | January 1, 2014

This year’s word…

Last year, the word was Create.

Wow. Did I ever create.

This year, the word is Happy.

I am going to learn to recognize Happy, how to be Happy, and be HAPPY.


  1. God bless you! I’m always happy when I allow myself to be happy. I know, it sounds like a paradox. I think I mean that there’s plenty of happiness inside me, if I’d stop piling stuff (work, etc.) on top of it. 🙂 I also have medical help, which I’m not ashamed to say I need.
    Of course we all have the occasional blue day; that’s normal/healthy.

    • I think piling stuff on stop is pretty common. I do it to protect myself… to protect the warm fuzzy feelings that too often are used against me. Here’s to being more healthy!

  2. HAPPY is a great word for the New Year! There are just so many ways you can incorporate Happy into your life, one small act at a time. Best of luck in squeezing all the Happy out of 2014 that you can possibly fit into one year!

    • Thank you! I intend to see how much Happy I can create… 😀

  3. I like happy.

    • 🙂

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