Posted by: Judy | December 31, 2013

New Year gifts instead of resolutions…

First, Cake Wrecks knows how it’s done:

Actually, I did write that novel, and several more.

I hunted down an old blog entry:

The last couple years have been so completely different I forgot about this.

I really like the idea of giving myself gifts during the coming year.

One of the gifts I’m giving myself this year: I will NOT eat eggs alone. This is huge. Really. I love over-easy eggs on toast. I’m allergic. I love them so much I will take an allergy pill before making breakfast. However, I’m still sick for at least one or two days afterward. This year, I’m going to be kind to me and not eat an egg alone or on toast. I’m able to eat them in other things, as a minor ingredient, but no more eating them as the main ingredient.

My sister shared this link:

I want to make sleep a priority. I’ve discovered I do better if I’m in bed early as opposed to late. I sleep with a teddy bear in my arms (a pillow is too big) and my aromatherapy dog on my pillow beside my face. I brush my teeth right before bed. These are routines to help me signal my body it’s time to sleep. My room also needs to be cool enough. I like sleeping under blankets. I use the radio on K-LOVE to wake up in the morning.

I think instead of creating a list to start the New Year, I’m going to make this a year-long adventure. On the first of each month, I will add one new thing to work on.

I’ll start with:

1. No eggs.

2. Make sleep a priority.

I think I can do this.

I also like choosing a new word for the coming year. I’ll reveal it tomorrow.

Happy New Year! It’s going to be an adventure! I look forward to sharing it with you.


  1. Yes , you can do those 2 things !! Resolutions need to be realistic, so we don’t fail .:)

    • 🙂

  2. A gift is something you give yourself to celebrate being you, whereas a resolution is something you deny yourself in an effort to change who you are, so I really like the idea of beginning from a place where you plan what gift you would like to give to yourself, and then follow that plan. By viewing it as a gift, it becomes something kind you are doing for yourself. Great idea. Good luck, and best to you in 2014. (and looking forward to your word for 2014)

    • Your clarification is perfect! Exactly what I was thinking and feeling but couldn’t articulate. Thank you (((ntexas99)))

  3. I like the distinction between a resolution, which seems more negative, and a gift to yourself.

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