Posted by: Judy | December 30, 2013

Last I Am List…

1. I am tenacious.

2. I am friendly.

3. I like to help others feel comfortable.

4. I am creative.

5. I love to create.

6. I love to learn.

7. I value the truth.

8. I am a writer.

9. I am passionate.

10. I am extraordinary.

11. I am curious.

12. I am a dreamer.

13. I am hopeful.

14. I am optimistic.

15. I am funny.

16. I am God’s.

17. I am lovable.

18. I am teachable.

19. I am bright.

20. I am amazing.

21. I am capable.

22. I am inspiring.

23. I am worthy.

24. I am worthwhile.

25. I am compassionate.

26. I am truthful.

27. I am patient.

28. I am kind.

29. I love music.

30. I am able to see beauty in unexpected places.

31. I am ethical.

32. I am honorable.

33. I am brave.

34. I am a warrior.

35. I am good.

36. I am imperfect, a very good thing. Only God is perfect. I recognize this.

37. I am a cook.

38. I am tenderhearted.

39. I am appreciative.

40. I am generous.

41. I am encouraging.

42. I am persistent.

43. I am strong.

44. I say, “I’m sorry” when I’m wrong and endeavor to right it.

45. I love to laugh.

46. I love animals.

47. I appreciate nature.

47. I enjoy sharing.

48. I love finding the right thing for someone.

49. I am a reader.

50. I never give up.

51. I am an introvert.

52. I am feisty.

53. I am an author.

54. I am determined.

55. I am a problem solver.

56. I am faithful.

57. I am a believer.

58. I am loyal.

59. I am accepting.

60. I am involved.

61. I am free.

62. I am happy.

63. I am growing.

64. I am changing.

65. I am beautiful.

66. I am willing to learn.

67. I am thoughtful.

68. I am perceptive.

69. I am surprising.

70. I am Christian.

71. I am a sharer

72. I am powerful.

73. I am valiant.

74. I am bold.

75. I am insightful.

76. I am intelligent.

77. I am caring.

78. I am patriotic.

79. I am sweet.

80. I am spirited.

81. I’m learning to embrace the “suck.” Thank you Joel Runyon and Team FrogLogic.

82. I am accountable.

83. I am trustworthy.

84. I am trusting.

85. I am virtuous.

86. I am eclectic.

87. I am practical.

88. I am giving.

89. I am nurturing.

90. I am fascinating.

91. I am sassy.

92. I am a detective.

93. I am an explorer.

94. I am a doer.

95. I am true.

96. I am smart.

97. I am self-published.

98. I am an overcomer.

99. I am at peace.

100. I am a daughter of God.


  1. That’s my favorite one, and (I feel) the most important one.

    • 🙂

  2. Yes, you are all that and more. You are a wonderful sister and friend.

    • (((Ruth)))

  3. You are awesome, and willing to take the journey. Remember when you couldn’t even push yourself to come up with three items for the list? And now look where you’ve landed. Awesome. Yep, you are.

    • Yes, I remember when I first took the challenge and couldn’t imagine finding 100… an impossible challenge. Thanks (((ntexas)))

  4. Well done!

    • Thanks (((PV)))

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