Posted by: Judy | December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day…

Yesterday was spent with my sister, writing, and dinner with one of her daughters and her family. It was lovely.

Today, in Regency history, the Lord and Lady of the Manor would bestow gifts upon their servants and a day off. After all, the servants worked Christmas Day.

I would be content with finishing Chocolate Cake for Two.

 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions/Gifts to Myself are brewing in my head. Yes, some of them are tired, ie, Lose Weight, but I hope to approach them differently this year. Maybe freshening them in a new light will grant me a greater chance at success.


  1. LOL my New Years hopes and plans are to get up and go to work each day. Sorry, it’s the cold talking. I feel awful, it’s in my chest, I sound like an Orc with the phlegm, but I got go to work… happy Boxing Day. love, ttyl,m

    • God bless Mary.

  2. Glad to hear you spent an enjoyable day yesterday. It’s always nice to have a pleasant break in the routine. A few years ago, I quit stating New Year’s resolutions, per se, and decided to pick a word, and focus my energies on incorporating that word into my life in as many ways as possible.

    Last year’s word was positivity. Overall, I think I met my challenge. Mostly.

    Best of luck as you look towards shaping some goals for 2014!

    • I love choosing a word! Last year, I chose Creative. Yeah. I succeeded. 😉 Several years ago, I tried changing resolutions to Gifts to myself. I’m going to try it again this year. 🙂

  3. Uhm, yeah, I’d have to say you surely did succeed at Creative. In about ten or twelve different directions, even. The practical version, in writing, of course, plus applying creativity to the challenges of your living situation, looking for creative solutions to the financial aspects that we each face in our own way, choosing to approach your spirituality in a newly creative way, and opening yourself up to creative ideas about how to move forward in your own personal growth, and your professional growth, and even to how you view your ability to bounce back from challenging situations.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure you nailed it on the Creative. I’ll bet if you thought about it even a little while, you could come up with another whole long list of examples. Creativity is a gift that multiplies exponentially every time you bring it out into the open. Give it just a tiny bit of room to breathe, and you’ll suddenly find yourself in brand new territory, blinking your eyes and trying to catch up, with a big ole smile plastered across your face. Creativity can take you places you never saw coming. In such a good way.

    You’re well on your way already, and it’s been so fun and exciting to witness some of the milestones. I can’t even imagine what it might look like for you in 2014. It seems with every victory, you can’t wait to put on your armor again, and bravely step straight forward into your future. You have been an awesome inspiration, and I look forward to getting to know you a bit more through this awesome platform of blogging. Hope your holiday continues to deliver some pockets of surprise, and that you step into the New Year with a smile still lingering on your lips. You already ARE a gift to yourself, but it never hurts to punctuate this truth by remembering to be kind to yourself or recognize yourself in ways that reinforce the work you are putting in.

    I gave up on resolutions because I grew weary of disappointing myself. I can wrap my head around the idea of giving myself gifts, as a form of recognition for hard work, or progress. Something that applies a positive forward motion for effort, rather than shining a light against the harsh negativity of failure. Celebrate what I’ve done right, and let the rest of it fade away. The more we find ourselves bathed in the light of self-acceptance, and even love, the more we are willing to turn away our eyes and ears from wrongdoing. By gifting ourselves in recognition of what good we can manifest, we give it room to multiply. I’m thinking that’s a great idea, and I’m going to let this one simmer on the back burner, and see about maybe adding it to my bouquet of blooms when picking and choosing my next plan for growth.

    You are such an interesting person to get to know. I really do love how your mind works. Sometimes it is quite a challenge trying to keep up, but then again, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. Especially when it involves communication. It’s an interesting thing, the internet. It can be stagnant and cold and devoid of any real truth, or it can connect one person to another, and much of the decorative or protective over-fluff is cast out, and real conversations suddenly take place on this plastic screen as the words are etched against the clicking keyboards by the hands that are trying to keep up with the spinning brain. Speaking of Creativity, at some point, you made the choice to open a blog, and begin the conversation, and now look at where you are today. A published author. And then some. *stunningly creative*

    • Thanks, ntexas99. When you suggested I could find some others I wasn’t so sure. Oh, wait… I’ve discovered coconut milk and oil and learned how to make an imitation lemon chicken soup similar enough to the Greek yumminess I’m pleased. So, yes, you’re right. Allowing my creativity to run wild has broadened my world in unexpected ways. You’ve opened a number of doors for me. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I’m looking forward to another year.

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