Posted by: Judy | December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve…

Follow up on yesterday’s post.

Holley Gerth gave me the new perspective I needed:

I took these photos earlier this year, after a lot of rain. A bit of inspiration for the Nutcracker:

100_2103 100_2102


  1. Those are great photos! You must have some of the same good genes Ruth has!!
    Take more pix!

    • Thanks ((Mary))

  2. I love the reference to the Nutcracker….dance of the Mushrooms.
    Found a link. 🙂

    • Thanks ((Ruth))

  3. Very cool pics. My son spilled the mushrooms for dinner on the floor today, and ate them anyway. He figured they came out of the ground.

    • I cannot argue with his logic, as much as I may want to do exactly that. 😀

  4. something about mushrooms always makes me think of woodland fairies … I guess it’s the idea of those tiny little canopies providing shelter for fantastical creatures … anyway, great photos. Little surprises, showing up unexpectedly.

    • Yes! There is something fanciful about mushrooms. 🙂

      • Smurfs live in them, after all. 😉

        • LOL!!

  5. […] post added this link about giving and receiving words: […]

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