Posted by: Judy | November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving…

I am endeavoring to learn to be more grateful, for everything, to replace my negative thinking with gratitude. I tried replacing with positive thoughts. It didn’t work particularly well. I’m giving gratitude a shot. I only started, this week. I think there’s a difference. We’ll see how things are going next week.

A friend posted this:



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

    • Happy Thanksgiving ((TR))

  2. For me, every time I remember to be grateful, I am immediately happy. I would love to do it every moment, but I have a long way to go. But it works, every time. It’s amazing. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • I’ve clearly been away from Frodo and Lily too long. “To be grateful is to know.” 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving ((Mary))

  3. Happy Thanksgiving….in my mind there is a horse grazing in the background and the dog is black….just my imagination. Love you, See you soon. 😀

    • Funny, I was thinking about her today. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    As for gratitude for all things… there are some I don’t think you need to be grateful for except that you are surviving it. 🙂 Be kind to yourself!

    • LOL! Thank you ((Pandora Viltis))

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Judy. Trying to adjust to an attitude of positivity or gratitude takes time. I still work at it all the time. It seems to be coming more naturally these days, but I haven’t tested the theory against one of those really dark crashes that sometimes come around for a visit. My hope is that it might help me pull through them sooner. One can always hope.

    • Yes, and Hope is an amazing power. I’m curious how I’ll do this year, too, because I’ve made changes. It’s going to be an interesting next few months. 🙂

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