Posted by: Judy | November 25, 2013

New perspective from Nick Vujicic

I awoke Friday morning to more rain. I couldn’t go for my usual walk. Sleepy from a late night, I lay in bed after starting my morning herbal tea steeping. I turned on the television for the weather. It’s supposed to rain all weekend. I own no rain gear, of any kind. No walk.

Mind you, I’ve been telling the Lord lately we need rain, so I shouldn’t really be surprised it made an appearance. I find is amusing the news will howl about the drought, but the moment we hit the required rain for the year, they no longer report how much rain we’ve had, unless it’s to report we haven’t reached what’s required for the month. I watched in amusement as they reported all the hotter than averages this past summer knowing they failed to report all the cooler than average days, of which there were considerably more. It also annoyed me. I changed stations. The woman doing the exercise program moved through the routine without much explanation or warning. I was simply expected to follow along. I appreciated my Richard Simmons tapes. “Beverly Hillbillies” and “Andy Griffith” were programs I didn’t watch until I was in my 30s. It took me a while to work through the prejudice ringing in my ears. A movie about an abused wife who finally throws her husband through a window. Depressing. I like rain. Not the way I wanted to start my day. Infommercials. Rubbish.

Then I came upon Nick Vujicic of “No arms. No legs. No worries.” One of my heroes. He spoke of how often people meet him and say, “I’ll never complain about my problems again.” He would reply, “Don’t worry, tomorrow’s Monday.” He recognized the foolishness of such a declaration and called the person on it with humor. He’s taught me a lot about humor. Then he said what completely changed my day. We’ll see if it sticks and changes my life.

“If God does not remove you from a situation in your life, then He is using it in your life.”


  1. Nick Vujicic is so inspirational, it can really blow your mind sometimes. We are also experiencing rain (in Texas) right now. Several days in a row, and with the rain, it is in the 30’s-40’s, so it’s not exactly “go outside and take a stroll” sort of weather. In fact, I finally broke down and turned on the heater for the first time last night (it was 36 outside, and wet).

    Sometimes, rain can be a great excuse to change up your routine. Simmer a soup, or curl up with a book, and even snuggle under a blanket. But it can be tough when we can’t have access to something we count on to help us stay balanced. Sending you positive thoughts, and patience. The sun will show up again. In the meantime, have an extra snuggle or put your toes in those fuzzy slippers, and just wait it out. Hang in there.

    • It’s finally sunny again and wonderfully nippy. 🙂 I unearthed my wool socks. LOL! I think I’ll make muffins, and I won’t feel guilty about turning on the oven. Ha! I’m back into my writing groove, and that makes a huge difference in my perspective. I can handle just about anything as long as I have my writing. Thanks for the encouragement ((ntexas99))

      • my words are kind of stuck today, but at least they haven’t dried up completely … glad to hear the sun is out, and especially, that your words are keeping you company … muffins sound delicious … something about the aroma of baking just can’t seem to help but make us feel good. 🙂

        • I found your post very insightful. I do love the smell of yummy baking. It’s kind of sad because the NM will promptly cook something that smells awful. (I do all my baking while they’re off doing other things.) The muffins turned out better than I expected. 🙂

  2. I can’t stand the weather reporters. They are alarmists rather than journalists. Argh.

    • Yes! Maddening.

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