Posted by: Judy | November 15, 2013

What if God’s definition isn’t mine?

Of late, I’ve prayed more and more for God to deliver me from evil. To protect me from evil.

What if God’s definition of deliverance and protection isn’t mine?

I know what I think of when I ask for protection and deliverance.

It hasn’t happened so far.

It’s been fifty years.

Yes, I’m actually, finally, considering the possibility that maybe God has been doing exactly that all this time, and I didn’t recognize it! BAH!

I haven’t committed suicide.

I never fell into the trap of drugs, alcohol, etc. My addiction is food, but even that hasn’t run rampant in my life. I’ve never exceeded 255 lb. I know, it isn’t really something to brag about, and yet it is. I’ve never exceeded 100 lb above my ideal weight. I don’t qualify for a lot of the special programs because they require that you need to lose more than that.

I never divorced because I never dated a man I knew would help me become my best self. I knew every relationship was unhealthy and walked away.

I am a published author. I wrote stories as a child, but my teachers complained because I always wrote about horses. Wonder what they’d say now that I always write romances. Too bad for them. They could have helped me, but chose to discourage me, except one. Then the parents discouraged me. It took me a few years, okay a lot of years, but I finally came back to storytelling. I never stopped telling stories in my head. It’s a relief and terrifying to release them to the world.

I have been blessed with the most amazing, incredible, awesome friends. They hear me out, offer a different perspective without belittling me, make me laugh, lift me up, inspire me. How cool is that?

Maybe God is not only listening but answering, and I need to learn to be more grateful, especially for the blessings I don’t recognize right away.


  1. ((((((Judy)))))) You’re also a blessing to others! πŸ˜‰

    • I second that. Thanks Mary.

      • (((Mary))) (((Ruth)))

  2. The soldier in the cave prayed for protection. God sent a spider to build a spider web across the cave entrance. Not what the soldier expected but it did the job. Hugs. You helped me get out of the cookie jar. You are my blessing.

    • I’d forgotten that story. Thanks for the reminder. I wouldn’t have prayed for a spider web, even knowing it worked for Wilbur. πŸ˜‰

  3. You too! (((Judy))) πŸ™‚

    • (((TR)))

  4. often what we think we need is one thing, when the thing that saves us is something else completely … learning how to appreciate this truth takes time … great post. πŸ™‚

    • Yes… the quote “Stop looking at the closed door so you can see the open window.” I always thought in terms of opportunities. I really need to broaden my perspective. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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