Posted by: Judy | November 12, 2013

Some validation on the internet…

There are those who decry how much time people spend on the internet. I admit: I live here. My work is here. Most of my friends are here.

Are horrible things available on the internet? Yes. Those horrible things start in real life for someone.

Amazing wonderful things are also available on the internet. I’ve participated in events on the other side of the world compliments of the internet.

I’ve learned about the sacrifices of our soldiers in the military because bloggers/writers share them on the internet. No one else is telling their story.

I’ve been blessed with friends struggling with the same things I am but with different perspectives. Their journey to becoming healthy coincides with mine, but because they are unique they broaden my view. Their experiences help me fine-tune the tools I use to improve myself.

Writers I would never have an opportunity to meet discuss the craft, sharing their knowledge, on their blog. I even have the opportunity to ask questions if I want simply by making a comment.

Some bloggers let me feed their fish. Yep, they have a widget with swimming fish; you click on it, and “food” appears, feeding the fish. The cool thing is that you can’t over feed them. No exploding fish.

People share their faith, inspiration, strength, humor, uplifting me, strengthening me, amusing me, helping me become a better person.

The list is endless because the possibilities are endless.

I choose what I pursue. I decide to follow what drags me down or lifts me up. I decide to seek filth or beauty. I decide to be a light or a ball and chain. I decide to help or hinder. I decide to stand or turn away. I choose. Me. My responsibility.


  1. I feel the same way about the internet, it lead me to great blogs like yours. It is a place of inspiration because we choose it to be – that was beautifully said. xx

    • Thanks, TR. xoxo

  2. (((Judy ))) 🙂

    • (((Mary)))

  3. Goes with what I wrote today. You have power. 🙂

    • Yep. Great minds. 😉

  4. I’m glad I found you on the internet.

    Anything can be used hot good or ill. The internet is only as evil as the people using it.

    I’ve made great friends online… like you!

    • I’m so glad our paths crossed, too!

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