Posted by: Judy | October 24, 2013

Mike Rowe inspiration…

I’ve seen Mike Rowe in commercials, car commercials.

A little while ago, I saw Mike Rowe for the first time in an interview.

Like being dropped into a hornets’ nest.

Frustration and anger bubbled to the surface.

I was one of those taught that blue collar work is for those who aren’t smart enough to earn a degree. Or, it’s all right for “other” people.

What I wanted to do: Major in home economics or go to cooking school.

What I was told: You can’t make money doing that. Only male chefs make any money.

I listened to Mike and lamented the loss of youth, the chance to start fresh. No, I really can’t pursue the cooking now. My back would never allow it. I do love writing, so I’m not regretting the new path in life.

Here is Mike’s website regarding work ethic:

It took me a long time to admit my work ethic was sadly lacking. I’ve worked hard to improve.

I’m thinking I may take the pledge for me.

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