Posted by: Judy | October 14, 2013

Unexpected perspective on guilt…

I recently started following Genesis 5020 “My Story for His Glory.” She posted a review for a book “40 Days of Grace” by Rich Miller. I haven’t read it. However, an interesting concept was put forth.

Here’s the link:

For those who decide to read the blog (it’s short), I’m curious what you thought of the perspective on guilt.


  1. I am not sure. I followed the link to a few pages of the book. I read the first page of that too. I think you tapped into the very thing I am working on. Thanks for the resources.

    • I look forward to hear about your explorations.

  2. I like that decscription of guilt being fact not feeling. It explains why my NM never thinks she needs to apologize and why I apologize for things that aren’t my fault.

    • I thought the same thing.

      • So true.

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