Posted by: Judy | October 9, 2013

Another perspective on yesterday’s post…

…from Matt Walsh:

Though his is more about schools, paragraph 2 and 3 left me laughing so hard I cried.  (I haven’t asked permission to quote so you’ll have to pop over to read it. If pressed for time or not interested in the rest of the post, paragraphs 2 and 3 stand alone.) **Sorry it’s paragraph 3 and 4.

I find it fascinating how several unrelated bloggers will write along similar subject lines. It’s also fun.

Sleep has eluded me of late, less than eight hours in three days. I can’t sleep if I’m too warm. There are times when I think I’m whining when I say this. With the A/C out, nope, I really, honestly cannot sleep. I lay there, thinking. restless.

The A/C is blessedly fixed.

My thoughts are scattered… that I’m able to accomplish anything is a miracle.

I’m not sure if I’ve given up on myself or accepted I’m doing what is within my power to do.


  1. Totally made me laugh; loved the Safety First!

    • Yes! I loved that, too!

  2. I hate being hot when I sleep. Unfortunately I’m kind of always hot when I sleep. It’s like an inner furnace turns on. And no, I’m not getting hot flashes, lol. My son is the same way as is my dad.

    So I don’t think you’re whining at all.

    • Thanks. 🙂

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