Posted by: Judy | October 3, 2013

More I Am…

1. I am tenacious.

2. I am friendly.

3. I like to help others feel comfortable.

4. I am creative.

5. I love to create.

6. I love to learn.

7. I value the truth.

8. I am a writer.

9. I am passionate.

10. I am extraordinary.

11. I am curious.

12. I am a dreamer.

13. I am hopeful.

14. I am optimistic.

15. I am funny.

16. I am God’s.

17. I am lovable.

18. I am teachable.

19. I am bright.

20. I am amazing.

21. I am capable.

22. I am inspiring.

23. I am worthy.

24. I am worthwhile.

25. I am compassionate.

26. I am truthful.

27. I am patient.

28. I am kind.

29. I love music.

30. I am able to see beauty in unexpected places.

31. I am ethical.

32. I am honorable.

33. I am brave.

34. I am a warrior.

35. I am good.

36. I am imperfect, a very good thing. Only God is perfect. I recognize this.

37. I am a cook.

38. I am tenderhearted.

39. I am appreciative.

40. I am generous.

41. I am encouraging.

42. I am persistent.

43. I am strong.

44. I say, “I’m sorry” when I’m wrong and endeavor to right it.

45. I love to laugh.

46. I love animals.

47. I appreciate nature.

47. I enjoy sharing.

48. I love finding the right thing for someone.

49. I am a reader.

50. I never give up.

51. I am an introvert.

52. I am feisty.

53. I am a writer.

54. I am determined.

55. I am a problem solver.

56. I am faithful.

57. I am a believer.

58. I am loyal.

59. I am accepting.

60. I am involved.

61. I am free.

62. I am happy.

63. I am growing.

64. I am changing.

65. I am beautiful.

Wow… did I really finally reach the point I believe this? The rose in yesterday’s post. I see the rose as an analogy of me. I can’t say the rose isn’t beautiful. It is. God’s endeavored to tell me this all my life. This doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with the idea. It does mean that now I’ve considered the truth of it, I can never go back to not believing at all.


  1. (((((((Judy))))))))))! And look at #30 on your list. 🙂

    • 🙂 ((((((Mary)))))))))

  2. Woohoo…you see you like I see you…. 🙂

    • 🙂 (((Ruth)))

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