Posted by: Judy | September 10, 2013

Newest I am…

1. I am tenacious.

2. I am friendly.

3. I like to help others feel comfortable.

4. I am creative.

5. I love to create.

6. I love to learn.

7. I value the truth.

8. I am a writer.

9. I am passionate.

10. I am extraordinary.

11. I am curious.

12. I am a dreamer.

13. I am hopeful.

14. I am optimistic.

15. I am funny.

16. I am God’s.

17. I am lovable.

18. I am teachable.

19. I am bright.

20. I am amazing.

21. I am capable.

22. I am inspiring.

23. I am worthy.

24. I am worthwhile.

25. I am compassionate.

26. I am truthful.

27. I am patient.

28. I am kind.

29. I love music.

30. I am able to see beauty in unexpected places.

31. I am ethical.

32. I am honorable.

33. I am brave.

34. I am a warrior.

35. I am good.

36. I am imperfect, a very good thing. Only God is perfect. I recognize this.

37. I am a cook.

38. I am tenderhearted.

39. I am appreciative.

40. I am generous.

41. I am encouraging.

42. I am persistent.

43. I am strong.

44. I say, “I’m sorry” when I’m wrong and endeavor to right it.

45. I love to laugh.

46. I love animals.

47. I appreciate nature.

47. I enjoy sharing.

48. I love finding the right thing for someone.

49. I am a reader.

50. I never give up.

51. I am an introvert.

52. I am feisty.

53. I am a writer.

54. I am determined.

55. I am a problem solver.

56. I am faithful.

57. I am a believer.

58. I am loyal.

59. I am accepting.

60. I am involved.

To be honest, I’m amazed it took so long for these last 10 to show up on the list. Well, maybe not feisty. I’m only now accepting that little truth. 🙂


  1. (((((Judy))))))

    • (((((((Mary)))))))

  2. Awesome list! You sound like someone you’d like to be friends with 😉

    • I’m learning. 🙂

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