Posted by: Judy | August 30, 2013

My mantra and science…

Scott Williams posted a short article:

What I realized is that my “I belong to God” mantra is teaching me to rewire my brain. It takes time and energy and effort. It isn’t easy. There are other things in my life busily working to keep things the same.

Life is a battle.

I find it interesting that those who demand I rein in my passion and intensity are usually those who don’t like it when I’m contradictory. To be honest, I didn’t like myself. I believed I should be completely calm, completely sanguine, completely smooth sailing…

Here’s the problem: There is no smooth sailing without at least a little wind.

So, I can look at battle as a dirty business, ugly, unproductive.

Or, I look at battle as a fight for my life, demanding courage and innovation and strength.

I am rewriting my brain.

Thank God. He gave me the truth and the tools to do so.

I spent many years avoiding touching anything, struggling to maintain perfect calm. It required a lot of lies. I looked cool and collected on the inside, while tornadoes and hurricanes and volcanoes raged on the inside.

As I allow myself to change, to reflect more of what’s inside, there are fewer tornadoes, fewer hurricanes, fewer volcanoes. Peace and calm are not the same thing. I am more at peace with myself than ever before. I’m also more outspoken, more vibrant, more aware of what I think and feel.

I’m amused by those who want to remove all the valleys in life. They somehow manage to miss the obvious fact that without valleys there are no peaks. No valleys and no peaks makes for a flat line. Last I checked, a flat line generally means you’re dead.

Sometimes life is a monster roller coaster. Sometimes it’s a kiddy roller coaster. I’ll take it over the flat line.

I’m rewriting my brain from believing it needs a flat line to accepting the ups and downs of life. Interestingly enough, the negative tape feels like a roller coaster, while “I belong to God” feels like a flat line. The results are exactly opposite. The negative tape drags me to a flat line in the valleys, while “I belong to God” allows me to accept the ups and downs of life with the assurance it’s what God intended. He is in control, and I am to trust Him.

Here’s to a successful rewrite. I belong to God.


  1. I like your flat line analogy!!! I like the whole post, actually! M

    • Thanks ((M))

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