Posted by: Judy | August 5, 2013

Today’s bit of inspiration…

I love when a fictionalized story turns how to be true, if embellished a bit. It’s still a great story. Thanks to my sister for sharing it.

I liked the rest of her message, too. Funnily enough, I was given the same assignment by KavinCoach with slightly varied and yet similar results:

I completely missed the point as well.

In my mind, all I could think was “But I’m already doing this. I’d do it anyway. Doing little things isn’t out of the ordinary or special for me. I should be doing more.”

Message to myself: Instead of seeing in those little acts of kindness “I am a good person,” I saw “I am not enough.”

Interestingly enough, changing my mantra to “I belong to God” and “I am God’s”  I don’t hear the “I am not enough” nearly as much.


  1. Amen, a great word, enough. Hugs, TR

    • ((TR))

  2. Thanks for sharing my post. It is one of my favorite stories.

    • 🙂 You’re welcome.

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