Posted by: Judy | June 26, 2013

I needed this reminder…

…from Poppyposts:

By the way, her pictures of the flowers in her garden have been spectacular.

I’ve never been diagnosed as burnt out. I have, however, been diagnosed as chronically fatigued. Lucky me. I fall back into it periodically but tend to simply push through. I wonder if learning to acknowledge being run down and mentally out of sorts would improve simply with the acknowledgement? Recognizing I’m sick and giving myself a break helps, so doesn’t it stand to reason it would work with the mental aspect as well?

Then I run into my personal brick wall: Where am I supposed to find the time?

Maybe I wouldn’t lose so much time to disorganized thoughts if I were allowed to catch up with myself…

One of the books NM shared with me was on commitment. Too many people think they are overcommitted when the truth is they are under-committed. They refuse to make a full commitment to a few things, and instead give half-heartedly to a whole bunch of things and then call what little attention they throw at those things their best.

They haven’t given their best, they’ve given what they felt like giving. What’s more difficult for everyone else is that they then whine and complain about how much they have to do and they only do a part of what they promised to do.

I often think about picking up another job. Financially, it would be really, really helpful. However, I have contracts I signed, and I’m learning how to fulfill those contracts. I’m a beginning writer. My first book was published ten months ago. I now have four books out, one at the publisher for editing, and one more due at the end of next month. I’m learning my craft. There is so much to learn. I’m determined, and I’m proud of the fact I AM learning.

Interestingly enough, simply acknowledging I’m struggling and tired helps me.

I’ve changed up my exercise routine at the same time the weather is heating up. The heat wears me out, but I’m not willing to back down on my exercise. I’ve heard it will help me build endurance. I want to see if it will. The only way is to maintain my new routine, give it a chance to work. We’ll see.


  1. I can only say, wow…in the heat you live in, even thinking about walking around in it.. even the early morning heat…you have more inner guts than me! No mistake about it.

    • 🙂

  2. You bring up a subject that has affected me in many ways. Being busy. I used to be really, really busy. And tell people I’m so busy when I mess up or forget something. I was half-committed. I was forced to slow down when I moved abroad – left job, friends, etc. I had down time and I was actively trying to fill up my time. It was exhausting. I hit a wall. I learned – maybe forced to slow down. When things picked up – job, friends, etc. I felt like it was too much for me.

    Now, I find that people tell me they are too busy – all the time – it has become an acceptable reason. Saying we are struggling and need to cut back takes courage.

    I hope the change in routine works out with the heat. xxoo

    • It’s really difficult not to fall into the trap of being “too busy.” After all, if we aren’t busy then we must be lazy… It’s a tough balancing act, to be committed and involved and knowing when to say, “Enough, I can’t add one more thing to my plate.”

      The jury is out on the heat and exercise. I’m doing more but not as much as I first planned. Heat is tough. Rethinking.

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