Posted by: Judy | May 7, 2013

Over at Poppyposts…

A week ago, she started sharing a topic (empathic) that is difficult for me. It’s a little too close to home. I’ve hidden from it for years. Or maybe I’ve hidden it in self-preservation. I don’t know. Maybe I do know but don’t want to admit it. Either way, maybe it’s time to stop hiding.

I think the reason I shy from it is because it is too often viewed as magical. It’s no more magical than Secretariat winning the Triple Crown, Nadia Comaneci winning the first perfect 10, Torville and Dean’s Bolero, and any of a number of other amazing things that were the product of talent, a gift, training, and hard work.

I may have been born with a gift for understanding, but I worked hard to develop it. I read what God had to say about it and what people have had to say about it down through the ages. I chose not to bury it, though others often played on it for their own gain.

Pretending like I didn’t have the gift didn’t make it go away. However, it did dull it a bit. I considered that a blessing. I think, at the time, it was. Now, perhaps, I’m ready to reclaim it. Or perhaps, I already have, but now I’m not afraid of it anymore.


  1. Hi Judy, thanks for sharing the link. Do you know if Caroline is an Acon too? She seems to share a lot of the things we’re struggling with. I was also wondering whether this being an empath or a HSP is more to do with the hypervigilance we developed because of our upbringing. What do you think?

    • I’ve also wondered if it’s about our upbringing. I’ve read about highly sensitive people, and I fit much of it but not as well as the empathic description. My sense is that it will be difficult to study because there are too many who will want to move into the mystical realm. I don’t think it’s mystical so much. I would put it in the realm of healing touch. It isn’t easily understood. The skeptics scoff and downplay it because it isn’t easily measurable. At this point, Caroline’s post helped open my mind to the possibilities.

      • I agree. I wish there was more research into it.

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