Posted by: Judy | April 4, 2013

Loved the toxic frogs…

…Poppyposts shared yesterday!

No, I’m not trying to pawn my dear readers off on other writers. It simply happens to be a week when a lot of posts are resonating with me. I think God has a hand in it. I’m also rewriting a book due the end of next month. I finally worked through the road blocks and I’m in a bit of tunnel vision. Wonderful blogs are dragging me out into the light, every day. Thank you!


  1. Share away Judy. I wouldn’t have found RTB’s and Life begins at 45’s blogs if you hadn’t shared. Thank you 🙂 xx

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Both are excellent blogs and helped me too. Hugs.

    • ((Ruth))

  3. thanks for sharing the link, Judy … the idea of gobbling up a few toxic frogs to begin your day made me smile … I seem to be sitting in a pond brimming with frogs right about now … guess I better munch a few of them before they keep breeding and multiplying

    • LOL! Yes, I need to do that too!

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