Posted by: Judy | February 15, 2013

Joel Runyon’s post… I get it!

I’ve been following Joel Runyon’s Blog of Impossible Things for a while now. I can’t do a lot because of a herniated disc in my back. However, there are lots of things I can still do. I’ve been making an effort and seeing a difference. It isn’t happening fast, but it is happening.

A couple days ago, his newest post turned on a lightbulb.

“Decide. Act. Repeat and keeping going.” ~ Joel Runyon

Exercise is an easy decide.

*Will I do it or won’t I?

I’m pretty limited with what I’m physically able to do, but I know what I am able to do. I can walk.

*Will I walk or won’t I?

I can do the physical therapy created especially for me by a physical therapist who adjusted the routine and re-worked to find the perfect set of exercises for me.

*Will I do my physical therapy or won’t I?

Knowing what I’m capable of doing, I can add other exercises of the same variety.

*Will I do more or won’t I?

Great. Great. Exercise.

Here’s what hit me:

I can apply this to everything.

Exercise is simply something easy to measure and track.

So many other things in life I do I may never see the results, but exercise is about as instantaneous as it comes. When you stop exercising for as little as three days, your fitness begins to deteriorate. One workout makes a difference, even if it’s only tiny.

I was fascinated listening to Jimmy Thomas talk about how he doesn’t have to workout in the gym every day anymore. He started as a teen working out every day, adding in becoming a personal trainer and martial arts. Over the years, he has learned many healthy habits and follows them, without debating with himself. His body is part of his business; he’s made taking care of it a habit.

Taking care of me is not a habit I’ve acquired, yet. Exercise is the easiest, most obvious way to start making changes. I started my REAL program more than a year and a half ago, consciously making the decision to take care of myself. I’m on week 87. The first year felt like little changed. In fact, it’s only been the last few months that I’ve started to feel like MAYBE it’s really making a difference. It’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve been FEELING a difference.

Just as I’ve been changing up my exercise routine to make it work better for me, I’ve finally figured out that I have to change up my writing routine to make it work better for me.

Sometimes I feel so slow… but better than not at all.


  1. Hurray for making a difference. Hugs and high 5s. I remember the first Komen Race we went to and how tired we were afterwards. Now we can do 5 K with relative ease. Go you.

    • Oh, my goodness! I remember! The first was so hard! LOL!

  2. I make exercise deals with myself. Things like: walk for just 20 minutes, then you can quit for the day if you want. But I never end up doing just 20. I do the same with guitar practice: 15 minutes is all I ask of myself.

    So far, it’s worked for over a year for me. Some days I take the short option. But mostly I surprise myself by doing more.

    • Hmmm… I might try the time limit option with my writing. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by everything I need to do. I know I need to START, but I look at the pages and pages and pages… I think I’ll try the time limit tonight and see how it works. Thanks, Pandora Viltis

  3. Cool idea from Pandora V, I might try that too… “Im only going to (write, exercise, etc.) for 10 minutes, and then I can stop if I want to.” If I’ve already done 10 mins, I’ll probably keep going, because I invariably enjoy it once I start. Like you, I see things as huge projects, but if I could just NOT focus on the future so much!! At least we’re aware that we’re doing it– we can only work with something if we’re aware. I purposely said work WITH rather than work ON. Work WITH sounds so much friendlier, and work ON sounds like it’s a huge problem that has to be TACKLED. That just occurred to me while I was writing this paragraph!

    • Ooooo I like work WITH instead of ON!

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