Posted by: Judy | February 6, 2013

The last few posts…

…have been about me working through my struggle right now. This post was written Saturday night, and the others before that.

I was up surfing the internet, feeling out of sorts. I had the television on for company. TBN had a Christian movie on. I knew I needed the spiritual recharging, as my last posts have attested.

What did they show?

Facing the Giants.

God Wink.

The coach of the football team tells them that if they’re only playing to win, then they’re doing it all for the wrong reasons. The advice I latched onto:

If things are good, praise God. If things are bad, praise God.

It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Things are bad.

Praise God.

God is good.

God sees the beginning from the end.

My understanding is muddled, and I’m discouraged.

God’s understanding is not man’s understanding.

I’m scared.

I will put my faith and trust in God anyway.

I’m still scared.

Praise God.

Step into the darkness…


  1. Hi ((Judy)) I am sorry you are going through a tough time. My feelings are that in one way God doesn’t protect us from suffering. What God does do, I feel, is give us the strength to get through the difficult times when we connect with Him through prayer. Speaking from my own experience whenever I have prayed for help and guidance things seem to miraculously improve.


    • It’s okay, Molly. I’m growing, and it’s never comfortable. I will keep stepping into the dark, trusting God will light the way, no matter how scary. 🙂 ((Molly))

  2. Hugs and if they don’t improve, He sends a wink to help strengthen or comfort you. He is always mindful of you.

    • The tough times are when I know this in my head, but my heart falters. Thankfully, God doesn’t expect me to be perfect all the time; He only expects me to keep trying.

  3. Absolutely. I know in my heart that God simply expects us to try. We are going to need His help forever, but that is ok, too. Sending hugs.

    • Thanks (((Mary))) Always appreciated.

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