Posted by: Judy | September 23, 2012

Another post from Background Story…

I love Background Stories ability to pair a picture and a few words and express so much.

Wow…I just learned I didn’t have “Perfect” as one of my categories. Being expected to be perfect is a huge factor. I don’t know if I don’t want to focus on it or if I’m trying to pretend it isn’t there.


  1. I like this one…I learned along the way that perfectionism freezes me in place because if I can’t do it perfectly I should not do something. Letting go of needing to be perfect in everything today frees me up to do what I can imperfectly.

    • I think that’s something working for the airlines helped me learn. Sometimes you simply don’t do the call perfectly, and the world doesn’t end. What a surprise. 🙂

  2. “perfectionism freezes me in place because if I can’t do it perfectly I should not do something” ~me, too, Ruth.

    When I was a kid, at the start of every school year, beginning with the second grade, I would make a vow to myself that THIS year, I was not going to make a single mistake. All of my tests, all of my assignments, would be done perfectly.

    Then, when I would get that inevitable first paper back with at least one big red X mark, I would feel devastated, like I had failed the whole year.

    Poor little girl, thinking she had to be 100% perfect in every way, every day, just to be…. OK.

    • I hated red marks. Now, they simply mark places I could do differently.

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