Posted by: Judy | August 6, 2012

Chapter 16…

Honor and Respect are both vital tools in my toolbox, but they’re also relatively new to me.

I was raised with neither, so I’m having to learn it now. I remind myself old dogs are quite capable of learning new tricks. As I reviewed this chapter for posting, I considered how well it ties in with what I’m exploring right now.

Taking care of me is honoring and respecting me. As I honor and respect myself, I’m better able to respect and honor others. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the things I never learned. So much to do. Lamenting it will not get it done, so I’m squaring my shoulders, and struggling onward.

Honor and respect cannot reside with lies. They aren’t compatible. I didn’t understand this before. Sometimes, I feel the tug-o-war between my past and my future. The lies seek to drag me into the old ways, the comfortable ways, the familiar habits. Honor and respect are new, awkward, uncomfortable.

Lies degrade, manipulate, diminish. Honor and respect enlighten, strengthen, uplift. They are a choice. I’m choosing honor and respect. I’m not suggesting I’m perfect at this, not by any stretch of the imagination. I am struggling to move forward, no matter how small the steps.


  1. Baby steps still move us forward. Thank you for posting this today. Timing is perfect. I will honor and respect the students at school today. Hugs.

    • ((Ruth))

  2. So true, Judy. I was raised with both and just assumed everyone was until I grew older. ((Hugs))

    • Thanks ((Beth))

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