Posted by: Judy | July 27, 2012

Eleven questions, eleven answers, eleven tags…

Vicariousrising started it. I’m passing it along. You’re welcome.

1. What is your signature food dish? Blackberry jam

2. What hobby/passion/activity did you enjoy in the past that you wish you had kept up with and what is the main factor keeping you from taking it back up again? Needlepoint, tendonitis.

3. Which fairy tale do you relate to the most? Beauty and the Beast.

4. What is the song that you can sing best? On My Own from Les Miserable

5. What was the weirdest thing that someone ever said to you and how did you respond? I was proposed to, to be a second wife by a guy in Thailand. No, thanks.

6. What smell do you find most offensive? Cooked oatmeal. Definitely oatmeal.

7. What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal or doll as a kid? I only remember Musical Dog, who had a music box inside.

8. What do you secretly suspect you could do well, but you have never tried? Chef. I cook well, but never pursued it. I have wondered if I could make a go of it as a baker.

9. If you were going to picket a cause, what would your sign say? Liberty or Death.

10. Who wants to live forever? Β Narcs.

11. What would be the title of your memoir and who would you dedicate it to? Too easy. πŸ™‚ The Project and it’s dedicated to survivors.

I’m supposed to pass this along to 11 others. I don’t want anyone feeling pressured, so I’m going to throw open the door and suggest anyone who wants to have a go feel free. I’d love to see your answers to my questions. This is for fun. Here are my 11 questions:
1. Cooking or take out?
2. Favorite restaurant chain?
3. Movie theater or DVD/Netflix?
4. Sweet or salty?
5. Fiction or non-fiction?
6. Flying or driving?
7. The beach or the mountains?
8. Shoes or barefoot?
9. Cats or dogs?
10. Comfort food?
11. What makes you smile?


  1. Yum, blackberry jam…

    And I am totally with you on Beauty and the Beast. It depends on what day you ask me, which one I identify with the most.

    I like oatmeal, but I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about its smell. Mine usually is laden with brown sugar, so that’s what I smell.

    I like your questions! Good idea of the either/or.

    Thank you for playing πŸ™‚

    I’m going to answer here, since I already played my round, but I like your questions.

    1. Cooking or take out? Cooking
    2. Favorite restaurant chain? Morton’s Steakhouse
    3. Movie theater or DVD/Netflix? Big action films are best in the theater, but I get annoyed by their schedules
    4. Sweet or salty? Sweet
    5. Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
    6. Flying or driving? Can I take the train? I love the train.
    7. The beach or the mountains? Probably mountains — with an ocean view
    8. Shoes or barefoot? Shoes
    9. Cats or dogs? Dogs
    10. Comfort food? Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce
    11. What makes you smile? You do! And my guitar teacher crush. In different ways. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, on the beauty and the beast, though I’m sort of hoping a beauty will find me. πŸ™‚

      I can’t even be in the same room with cooking oatmeal… bad memories.

      Mmmm…steak! Yes!
      You’re right about the action films best in the theater. For as long as I live I’ll never forget the feel of the Balrog roaring.
      I’ve never taken the train.
      Ooooo! Finally the answer to my dilemma! Mountains with an ocean view! How to have both!
      I’m a barefooter myself.
      The sandwich sounds really yummy. I think I’ve had it once.

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