Posted by: Judy | July 7, 2012

The Spam goes ever on and on…

It’s a little creepy to see the same name, the same link, similar comments, but different emails.


Ooooo Almost made it! Nice comment. Not a bad link, but you included it in the comment. Now, I have posted comments with links in them. However, the link was related to the topic.


Four comments about how informative the post is, all to a post about… SPAM!


Oh, wow… what a lovely comment… WordPress marked it as spam. But… I like it. Then I re-read the last sentence. The last sentence of the comment makes no sense in relation to the post commented on. There were no “facts.” It was subjective, reflective.


A nice comment, so you could share your link… your link that has absolutely nothing to do with the post. This is not about you. Oh, wait, you’re spam, so you think everything is about you.


You want me to click on your link so you can improve my ranking, if I pay you… so, this comment is really all about you… tactical error: First rule of marketing is know your audience.


And so concludes another week of disappearing spam. Enjoy the day!


  1. I had a chuckle at your title. 🙂

    • I’m very tickled you caught it. 😀

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