Posted by: Judy | June 29, 2012

Note to self…

When I am questioning my decision to pursue my writing I step back and look at what led me here.

I’ve spent the last while recounting my journey to becoming a writer. The actual physical, day to day steps, one leading to the next.

What I didn’t recount:

All the prayer.

When I first started writing, it was for fun.

Then things started to happen.

I started writing more. It was there in my head. I didn’t think about whether it was right or wrong or whether or not it was the best choice or decision. I enjoyed writing, so I wrote.

Others encouraged my writing. People I trusted.

It became a challenge.

I honestly never truly believed I would be published. It didn’t keep me from continuing to write. I discovered writing was a great way to kick ideas out of my head, rather than having them race around like hamsters in a squeaky wheel.

It all started out so innocently. A bit of fun. A lark. Why not?

I had one of those feelings about my job changing, my transcribing job. Instead of ignoring it, I listened. I spent more time with my writing. At the same time, I couldn’t figure out a way to save my transcribing career. Times were changing, much sooner than I expected. I figured ten years down the road, I’d need to rethink my career path.

When it happened much sooner, I panicked, but I didn’t freeze. I kept taking a next step and a next step. It dawned on me I should probably take a look back to see if this path I was on was a blind alley or actually had breadcrumbs leading me along.

It was amazing how easy those breadcrumbs were to see. Sometimes, God laid down whole loaves. I would have had to willfully ignore them to miss them.

This started a new approach. Instead of seeing what breadcrumbs I’d already managed to pick up, I started looking ahead of me. Searching for breadcrumbs to help me stay the course.

On the days I question my decision, I mean question if I’m out of my mind and fooling myself, I ask God to toss me a breadcrumb. I have an armful of loaves.


  1. I can visualize arm fulls of bread some french bread, a few baguettes, round loaves….this could be a great picture. 🙂 You want to try?

    • I like this idea!

  2. I also think the crumbs are there ahead of us if we just remember to look, and yes, whole loaves are left when we miss the crumbs. I see this now. I see I actually missed entire bakeries, just went around them like any other obstacle, never knowing it was meant for me. I love that image, arms full of bread, let’s add some brioche, scones and croissants too, just because we deserve it.

    • 🙂 Absolutely! Bread: My ultimate comfort food.

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