Posted by: Judy | June 27, 2012

Temper tantrum continued…

Okay, back again. It wasn’t the plumbing, though it certainly didn’t help.

I stepped back and listened to what I was saying in my silently screaming tirade.




I don’t like men bashing. I really don’t.

So why was I raging that more men needed to grow a pair.

Yes, I really went there. I was so angry.

What else was I saying?

God started this whole mess. I expected Him to take care of it.

Why did He give me over to a narcissist and an enabler?

Why didn’t He help me figure out a way to escape the insanity?

Why didn’t He protect me?


Most of the time, I understand God does not interfere with Free Will, not mine and not someone else’s. Okay. I also understand that He creates beauty and goodness out of the muck and the mire if I allow it.

That is an important if.

I have a well-developed habit of getting in my own way. Never underestimate long-term training. It took me years to learn, but it isn’t going to take as long to break because I’m now aware and making Ā a conscious choice.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been down this particular path.

There’s more.

Next step back.


Hey, I’m a writer; cliffhangers are part of the deal.



  1. hahaha, I love cliffhangers!!! I thought of you last night, believe or not we had our very own plumbing disaster at 10.45 pm. Waiting for the new washing machine to be delivered now. Preparing myself for possible new disasters as we connect it. šŸ˜‰

    • Oh, no!! I want to know how plumbing knows it’s late at night and as inconvenient as is possible to be? šŸ˜€

      Kara, I hope your plumbing goes off without a hitch.

  2. Poor poor plumbing….abused and sworn at because you were already Pissed off. Well, the possibilities of where this could go is down right naughty. Perhaps another way to view this is your were given nasty plumbing to vent your anger instead of your computer. Can you imagine what the plunger would do to your computer? A permanent circle in the middle of your screen. šŸ™‚

    • Glad you’re having fun with the plumbing pity party… oooo love the alliteration. Yes, the computer would have been worse, though I’ve always wanted those little rubber hammers that when you hit it against something doesn’t do damage but makes the sound of shattering glass. šŸ˜€

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