Posted by: Judy | June 23, 2012

Spam ick factor…and a positive link to offset it…


I mean really?

You wanted to post THAT at my blog dealing with abuse?


Can you say, “Dumb as a box of rocks?”


In the immortal words of Hermoine Granger, “What an idiot.”


I was going to say that the above isn’t related to the link below, but in a way it is. Narcissism and abuse comes in a wide variety of forms. In every single case, one person violates the boundaries of another person. The predator does not respect the prey.

lifebegins45 has an awesome post about what to expect now that you’re out of an abusive relationship. I love the final reminder. 🙂 You can open it here, and it will open in it’s own window, or you can copy and paste.

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