Posted by: Judy | June 22, 2012

Chapter 13 review…


I’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing how I found myself with a contract, writing books that will be published through Desert Breeze Publishing.

As scary as it is, I AM SO GRATEFUL!!

This is an opportunity I never imagined would be offered to me.

I’m grateful for my gift with the written word.

I’m grateful for all the amazing people who have pushed and cajoled me along the way.

I’m so grateful for unexpected opportunities.

I’m so grateful I was willing to leave the past behind and choose a path I’d been warned against repeatedly.

I’m grateful beyond words for all the breadcrumbs God placed in my path to remind me He is aware of me, and leading me, if I’ll shut up my pride and allow Him to lead my heart.

I was going to say my world hasn’t changed much.

I look at my surroundings, the physical existence, and it’s true: Nothing has changed much.

I search a little deeper, and I have an awesome circle of friends, a career I find rewarding on a mental and emotional level I never imagined, and plans for the future, not just for next week or next month, but for years down the road, with the knowledge I know how to be flexible.

My world exploded, and for the first time it wasn’t a disaster with everything going wrong. It’s bunches and batches of miracles and lots of things going right.

There are still bad days and rough times. The difference is that I feel like at last the balance is more in favor of the good things in life and less leaning toward the crushing me.

One day at a time. One moment at a time.

My life is blossoming, despite the dirt and the thorns.

I am grateful for the blossoms and strength I gained growing through the dirt and the thorns.

I am grateful.


  1. Lovely post 🙂

    • Thanks for being here, Kara, and sharing the journey.

  2. Brer Rabbit would agree that thriving can happen in dirt and thorns. Beautiful list. 😉

    • Always loved Brer Rabbit. 🙂 Thanks, Ruth!

  3. I love this post! So happy you can see the miracles and be grateful. It can be hard to accept the miracles when we don’t accept ourselves. Being grateful shows acceptance. I’m so happy for you that you get to use your gift of words, and that others can enjoy your gift. I’m not afraid of the briar patch any more. Being born there means I am adept at navigating carefully. I have many scars from my lessons, but I can outsmart the foxes of this world for sure! Life is good.

    • I truly appreciate your positivity. 🙂

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