Posted by: Judy | June 8, 2012

Re-creating myself…

Ladyhawk lurked, for quite a while. (I dropped the ‘e’ as my way of tailoring the name to me.)

The forum offered a wide variety of topics. Everything from total and complete virtual silliness to in depth discussions on the books and the movies. I followed conversations, for quite a while, without saying anything. I gradually became familiar with individual names. I discovered the way a person wrote was as individual as one’s appearance. I didn’t have to see the name to know who’d written some of the comments.

I’m still amazed by the fact there were people from all over the world chatting with each other. The magic of the internet to connect the world.

Typing my first comment was easy; hitting the post button was terrifying and elicited a battle between deleting it and actually being brave enough to jump into the fray. What if they didn’t like me? What if I sounded stupid? What if I didn’t fit in?

Many of the people could argue the books with astonishing skill. Some hated the movies and others preferred the movies over the books, but most of us felt the movie added to our love for LOTR. I watched a heated argument rage for days. In the end, the two ended up agreeing to disagree, only to end up arguing again about something else. I was in awe: People could argue without being nasty and remain friends.

I lost count of the number of times I’d type a comment and hit delete.


  1. Fall down 9 times get up 10 times = Success

    • Thanks for the reminder. 😀

  2. “People could argue without being nasty and remain friends”, wow, I am in awe too. I had read about this in a book about boundaries but had never heard of an actual real life example. It is the healthiest relationship, isn’t it? Because they’re not afraid that the other person will abandon them when they disagree with them.

    • Yes! I watched these two “bicker” over the years, and am still in awe. They wouldn’t call it bickering. They called it a lively discussion. In my world, it was a fight because neither would ceed the field. They’re both very knowledgable about the subject but came at it from different directions and different experiences. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never have believed it was possible. I suppose it qualifies as a Game-Changer.

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