Posted by: Judy | June 3, 2012


The Background Story had an interesting post. It caught me by surprise.

I’m very aware of my lack of home, a place I feel safe, to rest and restore.

When I opened the above, on Friday morning, home took on a new perspective. I’m endeavoring to create home within myself. I noticed for the first time: I have no category or tag for home. This changes today.

Part of wanting to be healthy has been a recognition where I live is not home. When I fly to L.A. to visit my friends, I always have a sense of having coming home. I’ve missed that since I haven’t been able to visit them for almost two years now.

It’s time to start defining and creating home. My baby was my first sense of home: Where she was was home.


  1. Hugs. Homeless are not just street people.

    • (((Ruth)))

    • So true.

      • (((Cassandra)))

  2. {Judy}…To feel accepted, loved and at peace with our surroundings…that is “home”. It’s what we endeavor to find for our lives. At times, this can be as allusive as that pot-of-gold we all want to find. I’m glad you are trying to discover that, inside yourself. “Home is where the heart is” If we find our hearts, we find home. When our hearts are disheveled and lay in pieces, it can be difficult but not impossible. Peace, dear-heart đŸ˜€

    • Thank you (((lifebegins45))) I hadn’t thought about how I’m finding my heart.

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