Posted by: Judy | May 5, 2012

Spam for fun…

Since I haven’t had many in my posts or anything new over at email, I wanted to share a bit of phone spam. Actually, a spam phone call came to my poor little cell, and I looked it up. I really hope the commenter doesn’t mind, but their comment was so awesome I wanted to share the laugh. This is for all the Trekkies:

…they can put a sign in my front yard, I get a “free” home security system installed.  Doesn’t say if it’s all free, or just the installation, or free monitoring.  I hit “2” to be placed on their do not call list, even though it said to press “9” to do that.  I’ll wait for them to call back (shouldn’t be more than a couple of days), and then I’ll hit “9”.

It wouldn’t bother me so much, if there were a way to opt out of it.  But spammers/robodialers have no honor, and hide behind anonymous numbers they’ve stolen from others.  Cowards.  I’d love to go Klingon on their systems with a bat-leth. 🙂

Spoke too soon. A few spam popped in at the last minute.



Telling me my posts have become boring, and I should write about your interests is narcissistic, in case there’s any question about it.


Complimenting me is nice. I appreciate it. Including a link to the product you’re selling negates the compliment, just so you know.


You know your spam is pathetic when it doesn’t even make the list, but is simply deleted forever.


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