Posted by: Judy | March 31, 2012

To spam or not to spam…

Actually, it’s become a question of “Is it or isn’t it spam?”

If the page is loading slowly, it’s you, not me, and I can’t help you. If you have a technical question, please ask someone with expertise. I’ve never hidden the fact it isn’t me.


Creepy, now the spammers are using US Airways check in attachments. Spammers, GET A LIFE!


Calling me intelligent, after a paragraph of unintelligible sentences, will not see you posted.


More gobbledygook. Lucky me. Really. Not often there’s an appropriate place to use such a fun word.


I’m still not trying to make money, so you obviously haven’t read anything here. Kind of insulting. You come to my site. You don’t read anything. You make a comment to peddle your own self interests, and actually expect me to help you. Ummm… no.


Weird or non-names, like home page, will automatically see you disappear… I like the nonsensicalness of that. 🙂


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