Posted by: Judy | March 12, 2012

Follow up on yesterday’s picture…

I’ve seen the picture in emails, on FaceBook, and my Funny Cats widget.

I’ve seen different comments accompanying it, usually either commenting on how stupid the cat or how stupid the dogs are.

What I see when I look at the picture: Well trained dogs, and a cat who knows they’re well trained.

This past week was more stressful than I like. I found myself facing a great deal more confrontation than I usually do. In each case, it was my choice.


  1. confrontation asks us to stand firmly in place, and not waiver

    it sounds as if you managed to do exactly that, even if it did cause an increased amount of stress during this past week … hope the weekend brings you a restful respite from the stress

    • Unfortunately, the weekend was pretty stressful, too. It will not last forever.

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