Posted by: Judy | March 6, 2012

Progress check…

This post was inspired by another blogger. I didn’t leave the comment there, because I found too much of my own stuff bubbling over, and I didn’t want to add anymore to what this person was already trying to endure. If they don’t mind, I’ll add the link to their post later, but I’ll wait and see for now.

They talked about missing pieces of their puzzle, and I remembered feeling the same way. They felt like they could never find the pieces. I didn’t want to discourage them. I felt the same way. The following is what I decided for myself:

Some of the pieces are missing, and will never be found again.

I remember a time when I decided to give my heart to Jesus. He could heal anything, but first I had to give it to Him.

I was at the park, walking. Big, beautiful, peaceful. I began gathering up the pieces, shredded bits of my heart, and gathering up the pieces, and gathering up the pieces and gathering up the pieces. Every time I picked up a few pieces, more would appear. Then I looked up and glanced around. There were tattered pieces as far as the eye could see in any direction, and the wind was blowing, blowing pieces away, never to be found. Millions of tiny pieces.

I cried.

Hope vanished.

Time passed.

No matter how hard I tried, the lost pieces did not re-appear.

I could keep requiring that I have all the pieces to give to Jesus, and failing, or I could give what little I had.

I decided to give Him what I had. It wasn’t much, but it was all I had.

Pieces are still missing, but I don’t mind as much anymore, or at least not as often.

God didn’t care if pieces were missing. He already knew. I needed to learn to give all my imperfection over to Him, including my broken life. Consequences cannot be ignored. The pieces will always be missing. God’s mercy means it doesn’t matter in the end. He’ll take everything I’m willing to give Him, even the littlest bit.


  1. The imagery is powerful. It helped me…thanks.

    • You’re welcome.

      • I saw all those scattered pieces one day too…
        so many I cried because i knew i couoldn’t get back all I lost…
        now I think, maybe Goddess blew them on the wind because they were too heavy, not a burden per say, but too heavy for me to carry on my own…
        each time i follow an energy I realize they were one of those pieces, or rather the instruction for one of those pieces and as I fit it into my life’s journey puzzle, I feel a smile from Goddess for She knew in my own time i would find the right place to hold that piece…and the right energy to show me where to fit the loss….
        I am not sure how I got here , but I am glad i did, I shall be back, for I think you have many instructions on the directions for some of those lost pieces I dropped along the way and scattered, and now I bend to gather …and smile as i carry a little bit more of me…
        Thank you ….
        Take Care…
        You Matter….

        • You’re welcome, and thanks for the reminder I matter. Sometimes it helps to see the words.

          • anytime Judy… I think those too words are so important…
            Have a great Sunday..!
            Take Care…
            You Matter…

  2. You are not alone in Your story.I would love You to understand that many of us were abused..we are here to help and to be close when ever we’re needed.
    I do not know You but I was “in Your shoes” so to speak.My dear unknown friend;God always gives us someone to lead on.
    Be blessed and put a smile at Your beautiful face and remember:
    You are never alone.
    With love,milena 🙂

    Today I found Your blog.I did read very little but from today I’ll visit You here each day on.

    • Thanks and welcome, Milena.

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