Posted by: Judy | March 1, 2012

Follow up on Monday…

On Monday, I talked about choosing to allow others to stay stuck. The outcome is not what I expected.

I’d thought it would mean more contention, but it didn’t. They are who they’ve chosen to be, and I no longer feel the struggle to encourage them or even help them move forward. It has allowed me to help them where they are, and walk away. The last bit is important, too.

If I stay with them, then I’m unhappy, because I see the potential, the possibilities. They don’t want to see what I see. I no longer have to try to explain or paint the picture exactly right, the picture that will finally open their eyes. It doesn’t exist. Not to them.


  1. This works with a lot of people. I learned something similar in the computer labs. Some people are just determined to stay right where they are. They really don’t want a different answer. Hugs.

    • Thanks ((Ruth)) for being one of those who wants to change, is willing to change, and are choosing to change.

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