Posted by: Judy | February 25, 2012

Disappearing spam…

Don’t Go There was posted back on January 19, 2012. It is still receiving spam. It’s becoming pathetic… no, it’s beyond pathetic, but it is still laughable. Let the merriment begin.

Fastest way to have your spam deleted: Use a swear word. It didn’t last a second.

Wow…. Your name and link are ads. You compliment my fire in my writing. You realize this is satire, right? It’s silliness! Then you wonder if some of the responders are brain dead… did you notice there was only one responder, and it was funny? Did you read it? Oh, wait, you’re a spammer. Nope. Please reach Chapter 9.

You want to follow me to contact you so you can follow me to other blogs? Do you know how creepy that sounds? I really don’t want a stalker. Ever.

You want to use my bit of sarcastic nonsense as a resource for your own site? Are you kidding? Oh, wait, was that sarcastic? Yep. It was. I checked your site, and it has nothing to do with sarcasm. So the answer is no. Thanks for playing.

How complicated could it be to play? I don’t know, since this makes no sense except in terms of your name and website, which is nothing to do with me. Bu-bye.

Ah… well, how sad. No more spam for Don’t Go There. Who’s next?

Ground Hog Day: Again, my layout is a template. Do you know what a template is? It’s a setup provided by WordPress. They have a bunch to choose from. Really.

Wow! A lot of material! I’d be impressed if I didn’t know how easy it was to copy and paste.

Valentine’s Day: Really? You’re sending me marketing information on Valentine’s Day? You don’t know your market or your target. You might want to study up on it.

Chapter 3: Interesting quote, but doesn’t really fit my material.

Ack! Creepy link attached! Did you really think I’d let you post with it? Have you read this site? Did you even read Chapter 3? It should have clued you in, but only if you read it.

Ooooo…. the visitor chose to post on chapter 7. How original, except it’s all gibberish.

Animal heroes had a lovely comment, if only it weren’t linked to ebay. Sad.

Tailspin and Halfway through had okay comments, but again obvious ads.

Link to Tribute had three ads. That’s really sad. You didn’t read it, and you definitely showed no respect for the content.

And last but not least, more spam on spam posts. Pathetic.

Spam disappears, unwanted, unneeded, revealing the narcissistic personalities of those who post it. And no, you don’t even have the option of falling back on me being biased against advertisers. I know a professional, and I’ve learned a lot about the industry. Know your audience. You obviously don’t. I hope you are able to find a job more suited to your talents. Good luck and God bless.


  1. all of the sudden I’ve been getting a bunch of “likes” from what appear to be spammers … strange-o

    • I’ve had a few incongruous likes, but since they’re likes, I don’t worry about ’em. To each his/her own. 🙂

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