Posted by: Judy | February 4, 2012

More fun with spammers…

I may make this a regular feature. Most of these comments were made on my post Don’t Go There.

So, you’re going to use my research for your mission? You do realize you’re commenting on the post I wrote about spammers not being allowed to blame me for their problems?

So, you like the post, and think the writing style is great and that I should look at being paid for it. Then you post a link, where you’re making money writing articles. Nice comment, except that it’s the exact same comment, word for word, only with three different names and addresses, all on Don’t Go there. Somehow, it lacks sincerity.

Ummm… you’ve started your comment by addressing someone whose name isn’t Judy. I don’t know if you’re lost or confused, but you’re comment is now “poof.”

You’ve referenced a Hollywood couple I guarantee I have never blogged about, ever. And I definitely didn’t mention them in the post you’re commenting on.

You like to play games and you’re making this comment on “Posts about abuse?” Really? Did you even read the post?

Nice vague comment, there. Did you think I wouldn’t check your link first? Ugh! Get a life!

Hey! A comment that sounds like English may not be their first language. I’m okay with that… but the name is an add for supplements.


You might want to read Chapter 9. Just sayin’.

Thanks for the laughs. And thanks to FaceBook for this:


  1. HAHAHA. Love the picture to go with. 🙂

  2. that picture is the perfect punctuation

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