Posted by: Judy | January 28, 2012

Q and A spam…

Lucky me. More spammers. More laughs.

“I believe one of your advertisements triggered my browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.”

Wait… What?

I don’t have advertising on my blog.

Thanks for suggesting I join a blog contest, but no thanks. I’m really, really competitive. Really. I don’t need more stress.

If you’re having problems with your feedback displaying, why are you asking me? Have you not read my previous posts about my ineptitude regarding computer stuff? Why aren’t you contacting WordPress? I’ve heard their tech support is pretty good.

You said you were going to subscribe to my web, but you haven’t. Please read  Chapter 9 at your earliest convenience. I think it may help you.

“I cannot give credence to your whole strategy…” Did you read the blog you to which you posted? Your comments grew increasingly nonsensical and unrelated to the topic.

I’m starting to look forward to the next round of spammers. This is fun.


  1. I get offers for guest writings. I ask if they have actually read what my blog is about. Nope. Still your spam is way fun. 🙂

  2. I have to nod, and laugh with you. When I read those spammer comments, I wind up sort of looking like a dog that has just heard a weird sound … my head cocked to one side, and one eyebrow raised a bit higher, a look of confusion and amusement skittering across my face. Really? I didn’t know those ten words could be combined in a sentence. Oh wait … they can’t.

    • Howling!! Well written!! I’m thinking I may do a weekly spam special. Some of them really are funny. It has been quite the discovery to realize spammers are narcissists, and the best way for me to deal with them is to laugh. 😀

  3. Your post made my capacity for laughter greatly expand…you might want to put that on your “you go girl” list.

    • LOL!! That one actually made sense!! 😀

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