Posted by: Judy | January 13, 2012

Chapter 8 review…

Emotions are messy, no doubt about it. They also make life far more interesting. Accepting them is important to healthy living. Not allowing them to control your life is also vital, if you want to be healthy.

This is a chapter that never truly ends. Every day is a new adventure. Each and every moment of the day has an emotion, and probably several, attached to it. How much richer life is when emotions are embraced and guided.

I decided which emotions I allow to dominate each moment. I’ve often heard life referred to as a stage, and the emotions are players upon it. We don’t decide who shows up, but we do decide who we allow to stay, and who we order to exit.

When I first rediscovered all my emotions I felt at the mercy of whatever popped up. There was so much I didn’t understand or even recognize. As I’ve embraced all my emotions, negative as well as positive, it has become easier to choose who stays and who goes.

By refusing to banish any emotion, I allowed myself to become acquainted them them all. More importantly, I learned to recognize when one emotion would highjack another. For example: It was huge when I realized that anger wasn’t my first emotion, fear was. Anger has played a smaller and smaller role in my life.

I’m not ashamed of being angry, from time to time. Anger is a huge energy gobbler. I prefer to embrace more emotions that are energy builders, like hope and humor and love. I feel like I’m finally starting to explore love. What an amazing adventure.


  1. The greatest battles are the ones we rage within ourselves. Glad to hear the energy builders on the upswing. 🙂

    • So glad you get it. 🙂

  2. Very few understand this, feels good to read it. My past stole away my ability to have true emotional reactions. Now I deal with controlling them again in a healthy way, always restoring to a balance point.

    • So glad this helped, rootstoblossom.

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