Posted by: Judy | December 30, 2011

Chapter 7 review

Christmas was a study in the right to choose: The right to choose where I would spend it; how I would spend it; who I would spend it with; and how I would respond to the inevitable drama. I did stress, but though it wasn’t stress free, neither was it anything remotely resembling the Christmases of the past.

I chose to spend Christmas day with a dear friend.

I chose not to take responsibility for the drama that cropped up, nor did I take responsibility for “making it all better.”

I chose to explore my own traditions.

I chose to accept what came my way and not worry about what didn’t. For example, I enjoy seeing Polar Express at Christmas time. It wasn’t on broadcast television. I didn’t fret over it. There were other things that were important, too, and by not doing one thing, it opened the door for something else.

Then again, let’s face it, being offered a three-book contract for my historical romance novels really does eclipse pretty much everything else.

I haven’t forgotten the reason for the season in all the excitement. I wouldn’t have made it this far without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to show me the way, one step at a time. He it was who taught the importance of making different choices.

I choose life, in all it’s vagaries and wonder. I choose to be my best self. I choose to accept the past, because I cannot change it, but I also choose to change despite what I was taught in the past. I am choosing a new and bright future, one choice at a time.


  1. Excellent choices and I am still so happy for you about the contract. 🙂

    • Your happiness about the contract enriches mine.

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