Posted by: Judy | December 29, 2011

New Year Resolutions…

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a few years ago. I found them discouraging and frustrating and useless. What was the point if it was generally accepted that it wouldn’t last throughout the month, let alone throughout the year.

Three years ago, I started a new tradition. I took a Christmas card and wrote out what gifts I planned to give myself in the coming year.

December 2009:

1. Improve Mental and Emotional health. Doing that.

2. Improve physical health – exercise more – eat more healthfully. Doing that.

3. Give more focus to writing. Definitely doing that.

4. Turn more over to God. Yes.

5. Give more “Just Because It’s Tuesday” gifts. Doing that.

6. Laugh and smile more. Absolutely.

7. Forgive myself. Doing better.

8. Stop the negative tape. Much better at that.

December 2010:

1. Physical health – more fresh foods – fewer frozen dinners – walk 30 minutes 5x a week (move). Started REAL.

2. Writing – finish self-help – publish – finish two novels. Finished and “publishing” online and finished two novels, book 2 of my historical and book 1 of a contemporary.

3. God’s Plan – endeavor to trust and follow. Doing that.

4. Forgive myself. Doing better at that.

5. End negative tapes – replace with counting blessings. Gave it my own twist, and it comes up in a later chapter that will be posted this year.

6. Continue “Just Because It’s Tuesday” gifts.* Learning to do this.

7. Use food storage. Doing this, and I never imagined how this one would come about.

*Just Because It’s Tuesday gifts are presents that are given without any reason. They are not given on a holiday or birthday or any special event day. That being said, such gifts can be given any day, except Tuesday. Them’s the rules. I’ve sent flowers and cards, via internet and post. Treated someone to dinner or a scone at Starbuck’s. And I’ve shopped Wish Lists (thanks Amazon). This year has seen a bit of a dearth what with my severely reduced employment. Here’s what I’ve learned: When I feel blessed it is easier for me to give to others. When I feel lack, it’s more difficult, but I’ve found that it is in that time of need that if I give wisely, then the sense of lack eases. The mistake I used to make was that I would try to give more extravagantly, and I felt the poorer for it. Instead, I endeavor to give more of my time and attention, and I feel doubly blessed.


  1. I like your thoughts on just because it’s Tuesday Gifts. Keep that one in mind this year.

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