Posted by: Judy | December 5, 2011

Chapter 6

At last… It starts, today. Are you ready?

The tools I wish I’d known about sooner. Okay, most of these I knew about, but didn’t even begin to understand. And I certainly didn’t use them in any way that would help me become my best self.

Here we go:

Just Say No.

It sounds so easy. It so isn’t. That being said, it’s an absolute must in becoming the person you want to be.

Something that helped me grasp and embrace the importance of saying “no” was coming to the realization that when I said “yes” (be it spoken or silent) to one thing meant I was saying “no” to something else. There are always two sides to everything in your life.

Will I roll out of bed?

Will I dress for the day?

Will I wear nice clothes?

Will I eat breakfast?

Will I do my work?

Will I give one more piece of real estate in my head to that person who disrespects me, hurts me, abuses me?

Will I choose to change my life, for the better?

The choice is yours. What will it be?


  1. Great list of questions. I used to say no to most of those except number 6. Now I am switching that around.

    • Go you!! 🙂

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