Posted by: Judy | November 21, 2011

Chapter 5

Preparing this chapter for posting, I’m so excited by the possibilities. I feel like I’m ready for this chapter. Funny, when my counselor told me to write the book I never imagined this. As I wrote it last year, I gained a lot of insights, but still felt out of tune with it. Now, I feel like this truly is the book I wish I’d had, and I’m ready for it, at last.

So, use what helps you, and don’t worry about the rest. This is a life-long adventure, and what makes no sense now, might ring clear and true somewhere down the road. Taking the next step is what is important, be it a giant leap or a baby step. You aren’t competing against anyone but you. And this needs to be a win-win situation or the one who loses is you, and you’ve lost enough already.


  1. Clean up from the after math of destruction seems so overwhelming. Especially if you can’t remember what it looked like before the damage was done. This is a beautiful chapter.

    • Cleanup is a one-bite at a time endeavor. And I’m learning that you aren’t cleaning up to what it was before. You’re cleaning up so it looks like what you want it to look like now.

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