Posted by: Judy | November 19, 2011

Q and A oops…

I’ve noticed my spam number goes up, without me actually seeing the comments. SO, if you made a legitimate comment, and the program was too helpful and deleted it, I’m sorry. If you didn’t make a legitimate comment, I’m not sorry. I have enough spam in my life, without adding more.


  1. I have noticed a jump in spam over at mine too. Spammers are very busy right now. Tis’ the season.

    • Ah! That makes sense, particularly as many of the “comments” were from someone selling something. As much as I wish I had more work right now, I don’t think I could bring myself to do spamming. Well, what do you know; never thought of it that way before. I’d rather put my time and effort into something I feel is worthwhile, even if it is taking longer to payoff.

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